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Wind Tower Production Line (Wind Tower Welding Line)

Description of Wind Tower Production Line:
This wind tower welding line is specially designed for the submerged-arc welding of outer circular seam of wind power generator tower pole. It adopts cantilever structure, and can use several single cantilever structures to make up a welding workstation so that it can do multi-pass welding. In this way, its welding efficiency can be greatly increased.

This wind tower welding line is mainly composed of bending machine (rolling machine), CNC cutting machine, welding equipment, welding rotator set, and sandblasting and painting turning rolls.

CNC Cutting machine for Metal Plate
CNC cutting machine
Plate bending machine (Rolling Machine)
Plate bending machine
Welding center for pipe –flange
Welding center for pipe –flange
Tower Tube welding
Tower Tube welding
Fit-up rotator for connection
Fit-up rotator for connection
Finished Tower
Wind Tower Sandblasting
Finished Tower
Wind Tower Painting
Finished Tower
Wind Tower Processing
Finished Tower
Finished Tower

We provide the on-stop service, Design-Produce-Assemble-After sales service:
1. Design and planning service for the whole production process.
2. Assembling and training for the whole production process.
3. A long after-sale service for the whole production process.

With strong professional R&D team and mature whole production process.
With controlling with every link of the whole production process.
With many successful cases for the tower tube production.

Single Tower Tube Production Process:

Multiple Tower Tubes Production Process:

Tower Tube Sandblasting and Painting Production Process:

ABK Machinery is a professional wind tower production line manufacturer in China. You will be satisfied with our wind tower welding line, which is exported to Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Vietnam, Singapore, Spain and other countries. We have always conducted our business in a sincere manner and with the purpose of achieving mutual benefit and win-win results with our customers.

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