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  • Adjustable Welding RotatorThe HGK-type adjustable welding rotator is mainly composed of a drive rotator, an idle rotator, an electric control box, and a remote control box. Our HGK-type adjustable welding turning roll is designed for handling and automatic welding circular metal containers, and it mainly used in oil industry, press vessel field, wind tower production line, chemical tank, and many other round workpiece fields...
  • Conventional Welding RotatorWe design and make them according to the requirements of the pressure ve-ssel factory. Our conventional welding rotator is mainly used for handling and automatic welding circular metal containers, and can be widely applied to pipes, heat exchangers, mounted vessels, boilers, LPG bullets, barrels, pressure vessels and tanks...
  • Special Welding RotatorAccording to the customer’s requirement, we also produce many special welding rotator, such as PU wheel rotator, hydraulic lift rotator, fit-up rotator, pipe tilt rotator and so on. Our design ability will give best support and service. Please provide the workpiece picture, drawing and anyother thing to show for design. We can design and manufacture many other welding turning rotator according to specific...

Welding Rotator (Turning Roll)

Description of Welding Rotator:
This welding rotator, also known as welding turning roll, fit up rotator, tank rotator or pipe rotator. It is mainly used for welding of pipes, API pipes, heat exchangers, mounted vessels, boilers, LPG bullets, barrels, pressure vessels and tanks. This welding rotator mainly consists of a base, driving rollers, idlers, electric cabinet, brackets, transmission device, and power-driven device. And it features high welding quality, low labor intensity, and high efficiency.

Application of Welding Rotator:
Welding rotators are used predominately in the petrol chemical industry, onshore and off shore oil and gas industries, conventional power and nuclear industries and many other fabrication industries where pipes, tank or vessel required to be rotated for semi or automatic welding processes.

Features of Welding Rotator:
1. The distance between the rollers can be automatically adjusted in order to make its barrels available for different diameters.
2. The roller speed can be adjusted by the frequency control system, thus the reliability of equipment operation is improved.
3. This turning roll can be easy to operate by the manually controlled box.
4. It has various types, such as movable type, lifting type, and more.
5. The specially designed welding rotator makes the welding more convenient.
6. The rollers can be made of various materials like black rubber, polyurethane, steel, etc.
7. We can be customized the welding turning roll according to customer requirements or drawings.

ABK Machinery is a professional manufacturer and supplier of welding rotator and weld turning roll in China. To best advise you on the options available to discuss your project with our experienced engineering team. They will advise on the welding rotator and pipe turning rolls best suited for your application and offer a cost effective sale, rental or rent to own plan to provide maximum flexibility.

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