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Welding Equipment Application

Established in 1999, Wuxi ABK Machinery Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welding equipment in China. Our main products include: welding manipulator, welding positioner, welding rotator, welding turntable, wind tower welding line, H beam welding line, and welding robots. All of our products have been in strict accordance with the relevant European standards. And our company has obtained ISO certification and all of our products have got CE certification. Our products can be widely used in various fields, such as pressure vessel production, petrol, chemistry, power, irrigation, traffic, ship building, aviation, heavy machinery, construction, and so on. Our products are characterized by high quality, reliable performance, easy operation, high efficiency, and convenient maintenance. So they have been increasingly popular in Spain, India, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Singapore, Italy, France, Vietnam, and many other countries.

We offer all kinds of welding equipment, as follows:
Welding Manipulator (Welding Column and Boom)
The welding manipulator also called welding column boom. It is mainly used to offer firm support for high-precise welding, and can be used for welding vessels, wind towers, pipelines, and many other polishing machines. And we can provide radial position, fixed and fixed rotating type welding manipulators for our clients.
Welding Positioner (Tilt-Turn Positioner)
The welding positioner also called tilt-turn positioner, weld turntable or gear driven positioner. It mainly consists of a working table, turning device, overturning device, electricity-conducting device, stander and electric cabinet. The working table is driven by the turning device which has 6 T style slots to ensure the work piece is strictly fastened on the working table.
Welding Rotator (Turning Roll)
This welding rotator, also known as welding turning roll, tank rotator or pipe rotator. It is mainly used for welding of pipes, API pipes, heat exchangers, mounted vessels, boilers, LPG bullets, barrels, pressure vessels and tanks. This welding rotator mainly consists of a base, driving rollers, idlers, electric cabinet, brackets, transmission device, and power-driven device. And it features high welding quality, low labor intensity, and high efficiency.
Welding Turntable
This welding turntable mainly consists of a worktable, a bearing, a base, a motor, and a speed reducer. And its worktable can be made according to specific requirements of our clients. Besides, some special welding turntable can be used in pressure vessel welding, round structure welding, and many other circular welding.

  • Tank and Pipe Welding Equipment
  • ABK Machinery is a leading manufacturer of pipe positioners, pipe manipulator, and pipe turning rolls (pipe rotator).If you don't see a machine with the specifications you need, please contact ABK Machinery for custom design capabilities...
  • LPG Bullets Welding Equipment
  • As a leading professional manufacturer of welding manipulator, welding positioner and welding rotator (turning roll) in China. We can manufacture as many as 1000 sets of welding equipment every year. All of our products are characterized by high quality...
  • Wind Tower Welding Line
  • This wind tower welding line is specially designed for the submerged-arc welding of outer circular seam of wind power generator tower pole. It adopts cantilever structure, and can use several single cantilever structures to make up a welding workstation so that it can do multi-pass...
  • Boilers Welding Equipment
  • The boiler manipulator is used for flat welding, butt welding seam and internal and external longitudinal welding seam of cylindrical body and it can be fitted with roller stand for welding seam of internal and external circular welding seam. If it is fitted with positioner...
  • Pressure Vessels Welding Equipment
  • A welding positioner or a set of welding rotators are designed to move the work piece under the welding head. The pressure vessel manipulator moves the welding head over the workpiece safely and efficiently to provide a quality welding solution...
  • Heat Exchanger Welding Equipment
  • ABK Machinery has put together automated welding machine systems for pipes, tanks, boilers, heat exchanger, LPG bullets and vessels welding fabrication. Welding automation positioning systems to meet the needs of a variety of application such as wind towers...
  • H/I Beam Welding Line
  • This H beam welding line, also called I beam welding line, is specially used for welding assembled H-type beams, I-type beams, and T-type beams automatically. We have now two kinds of models: double-column beam automatic welding machine and gantry type automatic ...