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Special Welding Rotator (Custom Welding Rotator)

Special Welding Rotator (Pipe and Tank Welding Turning Roll)

Description of Conventional Welding Rotator:
According to the customer’s requirement, we also produce many special welding rotator, such as PU wheel rotator, hydraulic lift rotator, fit-up rotator, pipe tilt rotator and so on.
Our design ability will give best support and service. Please provide the workpiece picture, drawing and anyother thing to show for design. We can design and manufacture many other special welding rotators according to specific requirements of our clients.
These welding rotators and turning rolls are special for pipeline, tank, wind tower, press vessel and small tube.

Established in 1999, Wuxi ABK Machinery Co.Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of welding manipulator, welding positioner, welding rotator, welding turntable, H beam welding line and CNC cutting machines in China. Our products are mainly used for welding pipelines, tanks, wind tower and special tools, and can also been applied to various plate cutting and many other pipeline technologies. All of our products have been in strict accordance with the relevant European standards. And our company has obtained ISO certification and all of our products have got CE certification.

To best advise you on the options available to discuss your project with our experienced engineering team. They will advise on the welding rotator and tank turning rolls best suited for your application and offer a cost effective sale, rental or rent to own plan to provide maximum flexibility.

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