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Robotic Welding Automation (Arc Welding Robots, Robotic Welding System)

Robotic Welding Automation (Arc Welding Robots, Robotic Welding System)

Description of Robotic Welding Automation:
The arc welding robots has a maximum 1.6m reach of arms, bigger than other brands’ robots of the same kind. Meanwhile, it can perfectly match welding sources of many brands. Equiping with dedicated arc welding software package, this robotic welding system can satisfy customers’ high-efficient and accurate requirement of welding technology. It can widely applies in auto parts, steel furniture, fitness equipment, commodity shelf and agricultural machinery parts areas, etc.

We Offer Robotic Welding Automation, As Follow:
1. Complete Sets of Equipments
2. Welding Robotic Systems
3. Customized Turnkey Projects
Which usually include: welding robots; operational software; work fixtures (end-effectors); conveyor systems; vision system; other peripheral apparatus; CAD design; technical services and training; etc.

Features of Robotic Welding Automation:
1. Increase welding productivity
2. Various welding angle
3. Suitable for steel, carbon steel, aluminum and alloy
4. Reduced rear interference radius: increased space in the area of the hinge
5. Much safer: avoiding collisions
6. Built-in cable storage: optimally protected, neat cable layout preventing cable from getting caught during robot operation

ABK Machinery is a professional arc welding robot system manufacturer in China. You will be satisfied with our robotic welding system, which is exported to Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Vietnam, Singapore, Spain and other countries. We have always conducted our business in a sincere manner and with the purpose of achieving mutual benefit and win-win results with our customers.

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