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Laser Cutting Machine (CNC Laser Machine)

Laser Cutting Machine

Description of Laser Cutting Machine:
The laser cutting machine adopts DSP digital control technology to improve stability and reliability. The latest software works seamlessly with various graphic processing software such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw CAD and CAM. With off-line control unit, it does not consume computer resources, which greatly improves efficiency. Showing in both English and Chinese and with friendly interface, the operating is more convenient.

A laser cutting machine uses laser to generate a high energy light beam. After optical system, the light beam is focused on the surface of workpieces. The high energy of light beam is absorbed and heated the workpiece to a high temperature. The workpiece begins to vapor to holes and the high pressure air flow removes the melted part. As a result the workpiece is cut. The laser cutting machine has features of high precision, smooth cutting edger and low cost.

Samples of Laser Cutting Machine:

QY-LCF1530 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine (Fiber Laser Machine):
Features of QY-LCF1530 Fibre Laser Cutting Machine:
1. China Wuhan Optical Valley Raycus 500W fiber laser
2. Wuhan Raycus laser power system
3. Professional CNC laser cutting motion control system
4. Heavy machine gantry CNC table adopts the international advanced ball screw drive system, the effective work table 1500 * 3000mm
5. Original Panasonic servo motor, on the silver rail, high speed and high precision ball screw, repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.02mm, machine cutting precision ≤ ± 0.08mm
6. Cold refrigeration system: over-temperature protection, temperature stability ± 0.5 ° C, environmentally friendly two-cycle water-cooled machine, titanium evaporation control, 2P one of the cooling water tank.

QY-1530LC Solid State Laser Cutting Machine (YAG Laser Machine):
Features of QY-1530LC Solid State Laser Cutting Machine:
1. 600W Solid State YAG Laser Machine
2. 600W Pulse Laser System
3. Professional CNC Laser Cutting Operation System
4. Gantry CNC Platform (Effective Working Area: 1500*3000mm)
5. Original Panasonic Servo Motor; Taiwan HIWIN Ball Screw & Guide Rail; Repeat Location Accuracy ±0.02mm; Cutting Accuracy=< ±0.08mm
6. Refrigerating System: overtemperature protection, temperature stability±0.5℃, environmental protection two-cycle water-cooling machine, titanium alloy evaporation tube control, all in one cooling tank.

Technical Parameters of Laser Cutting Machine (CNC Laser Machine):
Item QY-LCF1530 Fiber Laser Machine QY-1530LC YAG Laser Machine
Laser Wavelength: 1070nm 1064nm
Maximum Laser Output Average Power: 500W 600W
Laser Repeated Frequency: CW 1-300Hz
Power Instability: =<2% =<5%
Minimum Line Cutting : 0.2mm (for material below 0.4mm)
Maximum Cutting Speed: =<15m/min (depends on different material) =<3.8m/min (depends on different material)
Maximum Cutting Thickness: =<5mm (carbon steel), =<4mm (stainless steel) =<9mm (carbon steel), =<8mm (stainless steel)
Continuous Operating Time: >=20 hours
Maximum Cutting Breath: 3000mm*1500mm
Working Platform Accuracy: ±0.08mm
Repeat Location Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Power Supply: Three-phase five line exchange (380V±5%, 50Hz±1%)
Software: Phase selecting provided
Weight of the Machine (Estimated): 4200kg

1. Quality guarantee period: one year
2. Delivery: 30 days
3. Payment terms: subject to the terms on the final contract

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