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  • Laser Cutting MachineThe laser cutting machine adopts DSP digital control technology to improve stability and reliability. The latest software works seamlessly with various graphic processing software such as AutoCAD, Corel Draw CAD and CAM. With off-line control unit, it does not consume computer resources, which greatly improves efficiency...
  • CNC Flame CutterConstructed with gantry structure, the CNC flame cutting machine is driven by single side or double side. It's the high efficient and high performance automation thermal cutting equipment, combining oxygen gas cutting with computer control and precision mechanism. The oxygen gas cutting torch can cut the plate with any shape...
  • CNC Plasma CutterIntegrated with the technologies of computer control, precision mechanism and plasma, the CNC plasma cutting machine is the high efficient thermal cutting automation equipment. The CNC oxygen gas cutting torch of the equipment can cut plate with any shape. Featuring wide cutting range, high efficiency and high cutting quality...
  • CNC Table Cutting MachineABK Machinery is a CNC cutter manufacturer in China. We has been involved in the production of CNC cutting machines that include CNC flame cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC table cutting machine, intersection cutting machine and more. As a CNC cutting machine manufacturer, our CNC cutter is ISO9001 certified and has gained...

CNC Cutting Machine (CNC Cutter)

Description of CNC Cutting Machine:
CNC cutting machine achieves cutting process by thermal cutting mode. The gas such as oxygen, ethyne and propane can be employed as combustible gas. The CNC cutter can also introduce plasma device or laser head to accomplish the cutting process. The CNC cutter allows cutting job fulfilled through the computer controlling the equipment, which overcomes the shortages of manual operation leading to error easily and danger happening to operators easily.
We Offer CNC Cutting Equipments, As Follow:
1. CNC Laser Cutter (Yag Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine)
2. CNC Flame Cutter
3. CNC Plasma Cutter
4. CNC Table Cutter

Accessories of CNC Cutting Machine:

Initial Positioning Device
Initial Positioning Device
Powder Spraying Lineation Device
Powder Spraying Lineation Unit
Anti-collision Device
Welding center for Pipe-flange
Capacitor Auto Elevating System
Capacitor Auto Elevating System

CNC Cutter Control System:
The CNC system have many shapes for the cutting machine, as a professional CNC cutter manufacturer in China, we import many advanced CNC control systems from other countries. These control systems include Spanish FAGOR digital control system, American Haibao EDGE digital control system, American BURNY 10 LCD digital control system, American SDATE SH-2000 system. These CNC control systems are of powerful functions, easy operation and high adaptability. Being the most intellectualized control systems, they are capable of carrying out numerous cutting patterns to fit a wide range of specifications.

Spanish FAGOR Digital Control System for CNC Cutting Machine
Spanish FAGOR Digital Control System for CNC Cutting Machine 1. This CNC control system can display the tracks of the dynamic graphics and track the cutting path.
2. It can pre-demonstrate the cutting path and report errors automatically.
3. Automatically compensate the temperature zero drift of servo unit
4. Has a synchronous bilateral driving function.
5. It can carry out the function of cleaning the cutting nozzle during operation.
6. 32K internal memory capacity and an infinite external memory capacity
7. Auto data saving function when the power is off.

American Haibao EDGE Digital Control System for CNC Cutting Machine American Haibao EDGE Digital Control System for CNC Cutting Machine
1. PⅢ566 center processor
2. 256MB RAM
3. 20G hard disk, 1.44M build-in floppy drive
4. 10.4 inch LCD display
5. Windows98/XP system
6. Breakpoint memorizing function and quick repositioning function.
7. 43 macroprogram, could be extended to 200 programs.
8. It can automatically carry out starting, preheating, high-pressure oxygen cutting and switching off functions.
9. Plate calibration function
10. Recording function on the life of plasma electrode
11. RS-232 interface communicating software

America BURNY 10 LCD Digital Control System for CNC Cutting Machine
America BURNY 10 LCD Digital Control System for CNC Cutting Machine BURNY 10 LCD digital control system is the most advanced digital controlling system provided by Cleveland Motion Control Company. It is a control system based on PC, Windows NT.
1. CPU: Intel Celeron 433MHZ
2. 128M RAM
3. 20G hard disk
4. 15 inches TFT LCD touch screen
5. Floppy driver 1.44M 3.5″
6. Eight direction control keys
7. Repositioning function
8. Pre-demonstration and real time display of the cutting path
9. Compiling function for the common graphics.
10. Path memory function, which allows the cutting machine to be assigned other emergent tasks during operation.
11.50 standard graphics library. Customized graphics could be added to expand the graphic library.
12. Quick DXF converting function. Accessible to download CAD/CAM/DXF files directly.
13. USB interface

America SDATE SH-2000 System for CNC Cutting Machine America SDATE SH-2000 System for CNC Cutting Machine
1. 9.4″LCD, 3.5″floppy drive
2. Automatic graphics zooming and revolving function
3. Memory function when power is cut off
4. Kerf compensation function

The every set of CNC cutting machine has its own features. The multi head CNC flame cutting machine can cut the material with the thickness up to 200mm. With the function of multi cutting heads cutting at the same time available, the equipment is powerful in cutting job. The cutting speed of desktop plasma CNC cutting machine is very high, which can be up to 12000mm/min. It's very suitable for cutting the thin steel plate. Plasma flame CNC cutting machine can achieve flame cutting and plasma cutting. Coming with flexible functions, it can carry out several kinds of cutting job. The size of the guide rail of plasma beveling machine can be customized according to customers' requirements. The equipment can cut the components with any kind of bevels. CNC Laser cutting machine uses laser to generate a high energy light beam. After optical system, the light beam is focused on the surface of workpieces. The high energy of light beam is absorbed and heated the workpiece to a high temperature. The workpiece begins to vapor to holes and the high pressure air flow removes the melted part. As a result the workpiece is cut. The laser cutting machine enjoys a high precision, smooth cutting edger and low cost.

ABK Machinery is a specialized CNC cutting machine manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides welding manipulator, welding manipulator, welding rotator, welding turntable, and robotic welding automation.

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