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Adjustable Welding Rotator

Adjustable Welding Rotator (Vessel Turning Roll and Tank Rotator)

Description of Adjustable Welding Rotator:
Our company design and manufacture adjustable welding rotator based on absorbing the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. The HGK-type adjustable welding rotator is mainly composed of a drive rotator, an idle rotator, an electric control box, and a remote control box. It is designed for handling and automatic welding circular metal containers, and it mainly used in oil industry, press vessel field, boiler, chemical tank, and many other round workpiece fields. It can used in all kind of the diameter, and frequency conversion setting, low sound, work placidity.

The HGK type adjustable welding turning roll have advantages of the same kinds of products in domestic and international. We design and make them according to the requirments of the pressure ve-ssel factory. This adjustable welding rotator is designed and manufactured to better meet increasing demands for pressure vessel manufacturers, so it enjoys more advantages over other similar products at home and abroad. It can be used to deal with a wide range of diameters. It features easy operation, high quality, low noise, advanced technology, etc. Besides, this adjustable pipe rotator has obtained CE certificate, and is quite popular among clients in Brazil, India, Jordan, South Africa, UK, Poland, Spain, etc.

We Offer Adjustable Welding Rotators, As Follow:
1. Adjustable Pipe Rotator & Tank Rotator
2. Adjustable Vessel Rotator & Vessel Turning Roll
3. Adjustable Wind Tower Rotator

1. Self-regulating core welding turning roller consist of a single active rack and a slave rack ,active rack and slave rack are all have four rollers.
2. Roller use for steel glue ,steel core roller outsourcing of heat-resistant rubber, bearing the weight of large, rubber floors long life, non-deformation, non-unglued.
3. The distance of rollers can be adjusted automatically according to the diameter of work piece.
4. VFD speed control, it is stable and precise.
5. Reducer selection of high-quality cycloid reducer, planetary reducer with the structure and rolling contact transmission mode, with durable advantages of small size, while a small loss of efficiency, mechanical efficiency of up to 90%.
6. Electric control system consist of electrical control box and hand control boxes.
7. Electric control box consist of empty open, inverter, microprocessor board, Manipulator remote control operation, simple and reliable, with a jog and speed function.
8. With a linkage interface, with manipulator and submerged arc welding machine consist of automatic welding center operations to achieve linkage.

Sketch Map of Adjustable Welding Rotator:
Welding Rotator Sketch Map

Technical Parameter of Adjustable Welding Rotator:
Type HGK-2 HGK-5 HGK-10 HGK-20 HGK-40 HGK-60 HGK-100 HGK-200 HGK-300 HGK-500
Load 2 5 10 20 40 60 100 200 300 500
Wheel diameter(mm) 250 250 300 350 450 500 550 700 800 900
Wheel (mm) 100 160 196 210 220 200(metal) 220(metal) 300(metal) 300(metal) 300(metal)
Vessel Diameter Min(mm) 150 250 300 500 500 500 800 800 1000 1000
Max(mm) 2000 2800 3200 4500 4800 5000 5000 5000 6000 8000
Wheel velocity(m/h) 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60 6-60
Power of motor(kw) 2*0.18 2*0.37 2*0.55 2*1.1 2*1.5 2*2.2 2*3 2*4 2*5.5 2*7.5

ABK Machinery range of welding rotators and tank turning rolls offer the most comprehensive range of any manufacturer all available for sale or rental. Our range includes pipe rotators from 1 tonne up to 10 tonnes, heavier duty welding rotators up to 1000 tonnes capable of rotating vessels up to 10 metres in diameter.
Whether you require the need to position and weld a small pipe section, flange or elbow, a large pressure vessel or a complex wind tower or double jointing line, ABK Machinery has the solution to rotate and position your workpiece to maximise your production efficiency and guarantee to solve your welding and handling requirements.

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